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One, Inc. software enables carriers, MGAs and agencies of all sizes to quickly bring new products to market and streamline operations via a broad suite of scalable, cloud-based components that can be implemented all at once or as part of a broader migration from legacy technology.

We offer a broader suite of software options delivered using a SaaS model to help companies quickly meet the demands of an ever-changing Property & Casualty market.

What sets us apart

Deep Insurance Industry Knowledge

Led by an experienced and innovative management team with deep insurance industry insight and extensive software engineering experience, One, Inc. supports and guides the success and growth of your insurance company from day one.

One, Inc. software solutions are scalable, reliable and highly configurable. Solutions designed by One, Inc. were developed and are rigorously tested in real-time insurance management scenarios.

Software Designed For Successful Development and Sustainable Growth

One, Inc. solutions were devised in real-time insurance scenarios. The leadership of One, Inc. founded and managed numerous, highly-successful general agencies prior to the establishment of One, Inc. It was through the management of these highly successful general agencies that the need for new systems-of-record emerged. Legacy systems were stifling growth, productivity and profitability, hindering product launches and processing procedures. One, Inc. solutions eliminate the need for outmoded legacy systems and facilitate a new era of data management and document solutions, with the expertise and insight to back it all up.

We Specialize in Data Solutions

Forward thinking development and seasoned insurance industry expertise has led to the development of best-in-class insurance life-cycle software solutions. The software solutions developed by One, Inc. transform carrier and agency businesses, improving key functions and empowering end-users. One, Inc.'s configurable, web-based solutions are simple, streamlined, effective and easy-to-use. In addition to being end-user configurable, the cloud-based solutions are infinitely scalable, the perfect solution if you run one or one thousand offices.

Our Software Gets You Functional, Faster

One, Inc.’s systems can be deployed in days (as opposed to months), with systems configuration functionality built right into the administrative interface. Changes can be made as necessary to fit the the needs of immediate business, without the need to contact developers or place support requests.