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Enterprise Efficiency Management

Monitor performance.

Measure and track to goals.

ActivityOne™ enables carriers and MGAs to apply lean manufacturing principles to insurance processes.

Product Features


ActivityOne™ can be deployed in the cloud.


ActivityOne™ can be deployed on-premise.


ActivityOne™ syncs with DataOne for cross platform data analytics.

Real Time

ActivityOne™ enables you to understand production and retention rates on a daily basis, so you can quickly make decisions to increase efficiency and profitability.


ActivityOne™ enables the delivery of daily reports for production and retention.

The first application to apply the steps of lean processing to insurance.

The principles of lean manufacturing start with the understanding of value from the standpoint of the customer. The next step is to determine how that value can be created, eliminating any steps in a process that do not. Once those steps are done in a tight sequence, the value streams are identified and wasted steps continue to be removed, so the end result is that perfect value is created with no waste.

Utilizing a different industry perspective to give you the insight that you need.

With daily reports for production and retention, ActivityOne™ applies these principles to enable you to understand production and retention rates for each producer, giving you detailed insight as to the actual costs of each part of your operation. An enterprise-wide application, ActivityOne™’s production reports give you the information you need to make the right decisions for your organization.