Customer Satisfaction Strategies Used by Top Auto-Insurance Companies

J.D. Power recently released its 2018 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study, which ranks the top insurance companies based on a scale of customer satisfaction. For the 6th consecutive year, Erie Insurance topped the list, followed by Auto-Owners Insurance, American Family, Amica Mutual, The Hartford, and 15 other industry leaders. How do these companies continue to satisfy their customers, year ...

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The Role of Customer Experience in Insurance Payments

We talk to a lot of people in insurance about payments. When we meet, the usual suspects are always there — Finance and IT — but a new group has started emerging in more and more discussions – Customer Experience. Why are the Customer Experience (CX) folks joining the conversation? Solving the Commoditization Problem The commoditization of insurance products in the eyes of policyholders ...

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Making Insurance Bill Payment a Policyholder Priority

Do you know where policyholders prioritize paying their home or auto insurance premiums? When times are tough—or even just as part of their normal budgeting behavior—do policyholders put paying you near the top of the list, or in the “if there’s money left over” bucket? Intuition might lead you to think that, surely, most people will give high priority to keeping insurance in force, and,...

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How Amazon is Changing the Insurance Industry

Growth strategies have changed dramatically over the last decade. While some businesses are reaping the benefits of modernization, others are just now racing to catch up. Unfortunately, in the scramble to boost revenue and increase sales, many companies have overlooked one key factor: the customer. Consumers have become more discerning in recent years. They have adopted a new definition ...

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