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How Auto Insurance Providers Can Prepare for Memorial Day Weekend

Insurers know just how dangerous the roads can be on busy holidays, and Memorial Day is no exception. Auto fatalities, drunk driving arrests, and car accidents all spike over this three-day weekend. Here are a few ideas to consider on the eve of this widely-celebrated American holiday. 1) Educate your policyholders about the driving dangers. Email your customers to remind them of the imp...

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3 Simple Steps All Insurers Can Take Right Now to Start Going Digital

Today’s consumer demands digital, and insurance is answering the call. For most insurers, the question of the day is no longer “Should we,” but rather, “How do we get started making the shift to digital?”   What does it mean to go digital? Artificial intelligence, blockchain, drones... How much digital is enough? And what steps can you take to take your company from “traditional” to the ...

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How to Reach 6 Generations of Policyholders

Generational shifts have forced insurers to rethink the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to insurance. Here is a brief overview of the consumer attributes associated with each generation of policyholders, along with their respective age ranges, as defined by Pew Research in 2019.    Gen Z (born 1997 – 2012) These 7- to 22-year-olds make up 25% of the U.S. population, and they’re al...

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Top 10 Reasons to Work in Insurance

With insurance retirees rapidly outnumbering new recruits, insurers are having trouble filling the empty roles left behind. Additionally, recent digital advancements in the industry require fresh skill-sets, compounding the urgency to hire new talent. This employment discrepancy – with positions opening faster than they can be filled – is often referred to as the “talent gap.” While ther...

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