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Speed Matters: 3 Reasons Why Faster Claims are Better for Insurers

  What’s in a Claim Often referred to as “the moment of truth,” a claim represents the intersection of a predictable risk calculated by the insurer with an unplanned, adverse event in the life of the insured. It’s not hard to understand why claims is often characterized as the most significant touch-point in the provider-policyholder relationship. You could be offering unrivaled quotes, ...

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Category: Data Security

Beyond PCI Compliance: The Data Security Standards All Insurers Must Know

Insurance companies process massive amounts of sensitive information for every policyholder, including payment data. A single security lapse can expose that data to misuse, theft, and other forms of fraud. Even without a breach, the consequences of improper data management can be steep. In this article, we’ll explore how and why data security standards are enforced, and what can happen i...

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Amazon and Insurance: Could One-Click Coverage Be Right Around the Corner?

Considered one of the world’s most innovative companies, Amazon has virtually transformed the way people shop and live. The secret to its success? For starters, Amazon is never completely satisfied with the status quo. In fact, Amazon is continually looking for new opportunities in various sectors and categories in which to evolve and expand. Very recently, the retail giant has expanded ...

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Drones in the Insurance Industry: Potential Liabilities for Insurers

In a survey of risk managers, 46% said they will be considering the use of drones within their own businesses in the next year, with 7% already using drones in business operations. Today, more than 100 insurance companies have received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to test drones for various commercial purposes in the U.S. But as drone use increases, drone-relat...

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