Marketing Campaign Management

Track marketing campaigns and analyze their ROI, increasing the effectiveness of each one.

Product Features


Integration with LeadsOne™ ensures efficient, automated routing of leads from each campaign.

ROI Calculation

Get the metrics you need to quantify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Centralized Data Entry

Mass import and export campaigns from the system to help centralize data entry.


Track results from multiple campaigns simultaneously.


Automates marketing campaign management to customers, leads and sales.

Comprehensive marketing campaign management.

CampaignOne™ enables you to manage thousands of marketing campaigns simultaneously, tracking the results from beginning to end for each one. You can increase sales opportunities by using multiple channels for each campaign—phone, web or events—maximizing the number of prospects. Seamless integration with LeadsOne™ ensures that the leads from each campaign are automatically routed to the appropriate producer.

A centralized database to route and track each lead.

Automatically route leads to producers based on the type of campaign, increasing the opportunity to close the deal. Calculate the return on investment (ROI) for each campaign to understand which methods are working and which are not. Use data driven decisions about where toinvest your marketing dollars.