The age of digital insurance has arrived. 


Gear up to lead the way.

Going digital means leveraging technology to create a competitive advantage by improving operational efficiency and delivering a seamless customer experience. With the right digital payments partner, you can increase your margins, reduce risk, and keep your customers happy.
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More Profits

Stop wasting time and resources on activities that can be digitized. Cut admin expenses and lower your combined ratio.

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Less Risk

Simplify PCI compliance and protect your policyholders’ payment data against theft and fraud by removing it from your network.

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Happy Customers

Increase retention and persistency by delivering the digital-first experience your policyholders (and prospects) are looking for.


The New Digital Imperative

 Gen Z Consumer Statistic Infographic One Inc Digital Payments for Insurance

There’s a new generation of policyholders. 

It’s not just the Millennials anymore - Gen Z is poised to become the largest consumer group. They have tremendous purchasing power, and they’re not afraid to use it.

Insurance companies are going digital.  

Policyholders of all ages are flocking to new market contenders that offer the modern customer experience they want. Don’t get left behind.

Our planet is going digital.

Policyholders want eco-friendly providers. They want digital. And they want mobile. When they research your company online (on their phones), what will they find?


With One Inc, going digital doesn't have to be daunting.

With legacy systems, limited staff resources, security concerns, and an ever-changing customer base, the hardest part is knowing where to start. We’ll be cheesy here and say that every journey begins with a first step. 

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The First Step: Payments

Why start with payments?

The Most Frequent Touch Point

Premiums payments are your most frequent contact with your customers. For many policyholders, it is the only interaction you’ll have with them – for years!

Premiums Payments


The Moment of Truth

When it comes to claims payments, 95% of consumers consider the speed of a settlement to be their top concern, according to a recent Ernst & Young survey.

Claims Payments


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More Profits

Save Resources.

By automating reports and reconciliation, you’ll free up resources to dedicate to more innovative projects.

Save Paper.

Digital payments also means less paper, and all the costs associated with printing, shipping, storing, and shredding. As a bonus, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, which your policyholders (and planet) will appreciate!

Save Money.

Reducing unnecessary admin expenses is the quickest way to lower your combined ratio.

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Less Risk

Protect Policyholders.

The best way to protect payment data is to find a digital payment solution that use tokenization – a process by which data is essentially encrypted and split up, completely removing any meaningful payment information from your network.

Reduce exposure.

Choose a digital payments provider that is certified at the highest level of compliance. Look for a provider that is compliant with PCI DSS (level 1), NACHA, SOC 2 (type 2), PINLess, and the whole gamut of federal regulations designed to keep businesses and consumers safe.

Simplify compliance.

Let your digital payments provider do all the heavy lifting, while you reap the benefits of the strongest security and highest level of compliance.

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Happy Customers

Take one step.

Digitizing inbound and outbound payments is the easiest step you can take to give policyholders the modern customer experience they want. You don’t need to gut or replace your core systems, and the smooth transition will not disrupt your business operations.

Make an impression.

This one step - upgrading the payments experience - has far-reaching benefits. By digitizing your most frequent interaction (premiums) and your most impactful moment (claims), your customers will get the full digital experience at nearly every touchpoint. And they will love you for it.

Spark joy.

Policyholders don’t necessarily need you to digitize everything. They just want their part of the experience to match what they’ve come to expect from their favorite brands (thank you, Amazon). Through digital payments, you elevate your status to the modern, digital insurer your customers want.

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Why Partner With One Inc?

Our digital payments platform is the most complete payments solution in the insurance industry.

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Insurance Industry Expertise

We know insurance. One Inc was founded and built by insurance professionals. Learn more about our insurance history.

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Most Complete Payments Solution

One Inc's Digital Payments Platform is the best solution for both inbound premiums and outbound claims payments. Learn more about our inbound and outbound payment solutions.

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Highest Security and Compliance

One Inc’s secure digital payments solution is certified at the highest level of security compliance in the industry. Learn more about security & compliance.

Each feature and function of our platform was developed to meet the unique needs and challenges insurers face with premiums and claims payments. 

Challenge: Legacy Systems

One Inc's Solution: Seamless integration and compatibility

Enjoy full functionality with seamless integration into your core systems, as well as your claims, policy, and agency management systems. 


  • Full compatibility with core systems of all ages
  • Seamless integration with claims, policy, and agency management systems
  • Responsive interface on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Downloadable reports as Excel files

Professional Liability Fund Implements One Inc



“We ultimately went with One Inc because they provide a specific technology that is difficult to find in the market. One Inc has a forward-looking perspective with thinking outside of the typical payment option paradigm.” Betty Lou Morrow - CFO, OSBPLF

One Inc Digital Payments Insurance - Legacy Systems Integration

Challenge: Limited Resources

One Inc's Solution: A complete payments platform

Save time, cost, and other resources with one solution for inbound and outbound payments. Automate billing, reports, and reconciliation.  


  • Inbound and outbound payments
  • Digital engagement
  • Automatic reporting/simplified reconciliation
  • Payment input forms
  • Security and compliance

Clearcover Implements One Inc


 “As a young company, we needed a flexible solution for payment processing and policy management from a vendor with deep industry knowledge. We really appreciated that One Inc’s mission meshed with our own—improving customer experience by leveraging technology—and helps us deliver affordable coverage at a fair price.” Derek Brigham - Co-Founder & COO, Clearcover

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Challenge: Security Concerns

One Inc's Solution: Highest level of security and compliance 

Protect your payment data with the confidence of our top-level security certifications. Simplify your own security and compliance processes. 


  • Highest level of security compliance: PCI, NACHA, SOC 2
  • Payment data tokenization
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Partnership with Conformance to further simplify PCI compliance
  • Real-time account validation to reduce fraud

 Medical Mutual Implements One Inc


“The security of our members’ information is of the utmost importance to us. One Inc allows us to do the best possible job protecting our subscribers’ payment information and do so efficiently.” Ted Palace - Director, Cash Control, Medical Mutual

One Inc Digital Payments Insurance - Security

Challenge: Modern Consumer Expectations

One Inc's Solution: Multiple digital engagement options 

Give your policyholders the modern digital experience by communicating and billing through the channels they prefer. 


  • Inbound and outbound payments
  • Options for payment channels (online, SMS, email, phone, social media)
  • Options for payment methods (Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, American Express®, Debit, ACH, and Apple Pay)
  • Fast and easy two-way communication
  • Customizable interface
  • Payment schedule options
  • Multiple communication channels
  • One-time payments
  • Browser auto-fill functions

Siuprem Implements One Inc


“The solution has performed exceptionally well. We have passed the six-month implementation milestone, and there have been no unexpected outages or difficulties, and the report interface provided by One Inc offers an exceptional customer experience in all channels, including portals, IVR, and the mobile app.” John W. LaMay - President and CFO, SIUPREM




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One Inc Digital Payments Platform

Digital Payments Platform for Insurance

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