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Integrated components at work on Day One.

Policy Issuance & Management

Rating, Billing & Underwriting

End to end policy management system.

Product Features

Policy Administration

Simplify the policy creation process for the customer while providing a robust and comprehensive application to manage the complex policy transactions that occur in the point-of-sale process.


A powerful, easily customizable rating engine that seamlessly works with policy administration. Quickly configured by business users, enabling both the creation of new rates and updates to existing ones without involving IT.


Customizable underwriting that seamlessly works with rating and policy administration. Easily configured to enable exception underwriting, streamlining workflow.


Integrated payments and billing with configurable payment management, rate calculation and billing reporting needs. Features include automated billing schedules, management of rate calculations, payment processing transactions, recurring payment and selection of billing due date.

Data Warehouse and BI

Our data warehouse is built on true MDX Cube Architecture that can handle huge amounts of information with incredible speed and enables data access from anywhere and integrates with any data source to you comprehensive insight into your data.

Document Production

A robust document creation, management and generation engine enables efficiency and productivity. Create your own documents in minutes, apply them to groups of documents or activities, or have them print at point of sale and generate.


The powerful reporting engine contains a library of pre-configured reports from high-level to granular views, and allows you to save reports and automatically distribute them daily, weekly or monthly without the need for IT.


Our claims component provides a complete set of out-of-the-box functionality, enabling claims organizations to reduce expenses and increase productivity.

Third Party Integrations

Extensive third-party integrations are ready for use on day ONE, enabling greater productivity and data accuracy.

Comprehensive functionality.

PolicyOne™ gives carriers and MGAs the flexibility they need to quickly respond to market changes, improve processes and reduce operating costs. Customizable business logic results in a policy administration system that can manage the complete policy lifecycle for all transactions from quote creation to bind and issuance, underwriting, rating, document creation and generation, billing, along with a data warehouse, robust reporting and business intelligence capabilities.

Modern, flexible technology.

PolicyOne™ can be deployed in the cloud or on premise and can be accessed via any web browser. Pre-integrated components enable rapid implementation, and short upgrade cycles allow you to stay current and innovative, lowering the total cost of ownership.