Payment Processing and Reconciliation

ProcessOne® improves your profitability, eliminating or dramatically reducing your credit card expenses.

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Product Features

Automated Reconciliation

ProcessOne® eliminates line-item reconciliation, speeding and streamlining the process for your staff.

Credit Card Payments

ProcessOne® enables an insured to make a credit card payment via multiple devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Data Security

ProcessOne® virtually eliminates the risk of a data security breach and reduces your PCI compliance with our PCI DSS Level 1 certification.


ProcessOne® is cloud-based, enabling greater efficiency, accessibility and scalability while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Real Time Payment Posting

ProcessOne® allows for real time payment posting, as well as real time access to your payment and policy information.

Streamlined User Experience

ProcessOne™’s user interface enables insureds, CSRs and accounting staff to navigate tasks quickly and easily.

Rule Based

ProcessOne™ gives you the ability to route payments to multiple trust accounts based on underwriting company.


ProcessOne® can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing payment options and internal workflows.


ProcessOne® offers real time reports with a drag and drop user interface that enables you to see transaction information at both aggregate and granular levels.


ProcessOne® has a robust set of APIs designed to enable easy integrations to P&C systems.

ProcessOne® and ContactOne™ are customer centric solutions, which made them the easy choice for our payments and retention solutions. Specifically, the recurring credit card capabilities, proprietary contact algorithm, data security and ease of integration across all of our customer facing platforms were strong factors in our decision. The solutions will help us streamline our business processes and improve our efficiency, lowering the cost to serve our customers.

John Kish

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, SafeAuto

Simplify the payment process. Maximize profitability.

ProcessOne® is a cloud-based payment processing and reconciliation solution that eliminates or dramatically reduces your credit card costs while simplifying the payment process for your customers and your staff. Developed to address the unique needs of the insurance industry, ProcessOne enables you to offer your customers the convenience of card based payments along with real time access to their payment information. Automated payment processing and routing streamlines your internal processes, eliminating line item reconciliation.

Data-security and fast implementation.

Your insureds can make their payments knowing that their credit card information is secure. ProcessOne® virtually eliminates the risk of a data security breach and reduces the burden of PCI compliance with our PCI DSS Level 1 certification. No implementation costs and minimal involvement from your IT team means no risk, all reward.

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