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Close claims faster and save money on mailing checks by paying claims digitally.

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One Inc Claims Payment Processing

Increase retention, lower costs, and reduce risk by delivering digital claims payments through payees’ preferred channels and methods. Questions? Check out our FAQ.

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Disbursement Choice

Deliver fast, secure digital payments through payees’ methods of choice – ACH or instant ClaimsCard™.


Integration & Configuration

Integrate directly into your claims management system configure branded portals to make it easy for your adjuster to initiate a disbursement and claim parties to approve and receive payments.


Multi-Party & Vendors

Cover all scenarios digitally, including multi-party approvals and disbursements and automated payments to vendors.

Disbursement Choice

Securely capture bank account information and bank accounts for repeat claims payments via ACH.

Instantly disburse funds by issuing an instant ClaimsCard (backed by the power of VISA®) for online purchases, to add to a mobile wallet, access with a physical card, or transfer to a bank account.

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Integration & Configuration

Integrate directly into your claims management system via API

Configure approval & payment portals to collect approvals and payment method selections

Provide policyholders with a self-service portal to manage funds, view transaction history, and transfer funds

Multi-Party & Vendors

Collect approvals from multiple parties on a single claim. Capture payment method selection for each party receiving a payment and disburse payments to all payees once approvals are received. 

Set up recurring payments to vendors so they don’t need to repeatedly enter their bank account information.

Digital Payment Platform Features


Digital Engagement

Remove friction from the payment and disbursement experience through two-way digital engagement at critical moments in the policy, billing, and claims lifecycle.

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Reporting & Reconciliation

Report and reconcile payments across inbound and outbound payment types, methods, channels, and batches. Report more accurately. Reconcile faster.

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Security & Compliance

Fully outsourcing payment instrument functions to One Inc reduces the burden required to maintain compliance with PCI-DSS, NACHA, and more.

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