Claims Payments

Close claims faster and save money on mailing checks by paying claims digitally.

Claims FAQ

Claims Payments Features

Increase retention, lower costs, and reduce risk by delivering digital claims payments through payees’ preferred channels and methods. Questions? Check out our FAQ. 

Should you switch to Digital Claims Payments?  

One Inc Claims Payment ACH Transfer

ACH Transfer

Save money on mailing checks, close claims faster, and remove friction for policyholders and previously paid vendors by re-using already tokenized bank accounts.

One Inc Claims Payments Digital Cards

Digital VISA® Cards

Instantly disburse funds by issuing digital cards that can be used for any online purchase or converted to physical cards for card-present purchases. 

One Inc Claims Payments CAT Cards

CAT Cards

Assist policyholders when they need you most by loading funds onto physical prepaid cards and distributing them on the ground when catastrophe strikes.

ACH Transfer

Securely capture bank account information from payees with dual-factor authentication.

Save bank accounts for repeat claims payments to claimants and vendors.

Save money on printing and mailing checks – checks can cost as much as 10x more than ACH transfers (Association for Financial Professionals).


Digital VISA® Cards

Disburse funds to policyholders instantly, accelerating the time-to-settle.

Payees can manage funds through their own online account, make online purchases, or order a physical card.

Does not require a bank account, making it a convenient option for unbanked payees.

CAT Cards

Your catastrophe response team can load and distribute prepaid cards onsite to policyholders with immediate needs.

Cards are custom branded for your organization.