Digital Engagement

Proactively engage policyholders in the channels they use most, throughout the payment and renewal experience.

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Digital Engagement Features

Remove the friction from the payment and renewal experience through two-way digital engagement at critical moments in the policy, billing, and claims lifecycle.

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Reach more policyholders by messaging them in the digital channels they use most, including text, email, Facebook Messenger, and outbound phone IVR.

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Lifecycle Events

Set-up outbound messages triggered by important events in the policy, billing, and claims lifecycle, with a single integration.

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Preference Management

Give policyholders the ability to manage their messaging preferences so you engage them how and when they want to be reached, without interrupting or imposing.

Multi-Channel Examples

  • "Hello Lucy. This is Acme Insurance with a reminder that you have a payment due in a week. Reply with ‘PAY’ to make a payment using your card ending in 4321."
  • "Hello Kevin. It looks like your policy is about to expire. Reply with ‘DETAILS’ to see your policy details, or reply with ‘RENEW’ to renew your policy instantly."
  • "Good news, Alex! Your claim has been approved and payment has already been sent to your bank account ending in 9876."
  • "Hello Nancy. This is Acme Insurance letting you know your auto policy has lapsed due to a missed payment. To reinstate by making a payment using your card ending in 7854, reply with 'PAY.'"


Lifecycle Event Examples

  • Payment due date approaching.
  • Payment due date has passed without receiving payment.
  • Policy has lapsed due to lack of renewal.
  • Claim has been approved and paid to appropriate payees.



Preference Management Examples

  • Embed a communications preferences widget as an iframe or modal window into your existing insured portal.
  • Policyholders toggle on-and-off which channels they want to receive messages through.
  • Outbound messaging channels include: text, Facebook Messenger, email, and phone.